What has happened to our beautiful country?

I remember being in school and HATING history class. I thought it was the most boring thing ever! I still don’t know much about American history. Maybe I should educate myself before I speak, but I really don’t think it’s necessary. I think we all know things have taken a turn for the worse. We have actually back paddled a little bit. 

This past week has brought some absolutely terrible news to all of us. It hasn’t just been this past week either. Terrible news seems to be the only news lately.

I’ve been trying to not think about what happened in that nightclub. It’s really weighing on me. I don’t know all the facts and details, I don’t want to. I do not want to even begin to try and understand what has happened. The amount of empathy I have for those beautiful souls and their families is breaking my heart. It’s promising to see people come together after such tragedy. But what’s not promising is the divide a tragedy like that causes. I think we as humans blame things like religion, skin color, and sexual orientation because we don’t want to believe that someone could be that evil. We want to so desperately find a reason for the evil. The thing everyone has to realize is that there is no reason for that kind of evil. There really isn’t. We aren’t meant to understand that because things like that aren’t meant to happen. But we are so quick to place blame. We are so quick to attack the president and the religion that we end up being so blind to what really matters. Coming together as a nation, instead of dividing into groups of censorious people. We need to stop placing blame on the innocent. This world is scary for anyone, let’s not make it any scarier by pointing fingers at stereotypes. Oh, and by they way, it is 2016. If a man wants to love another man or a female wants to love another female, or if one wants both, or if a male wants to become a female or vise versa….who cares! I mean really, why is there people who still don’t accept that. 

I’ve tried to explain this to other people before, many didn’t understand. I do not tend to see things like color, religion, or sexual orientation. I’m very accepting when it comes to things like that. I don’t let it form an opinion for me. I like to get to know someone before I judge them. I honestly will never understand how some people can judge without even knowing someone. I know other people that are the same way, but there needs to be more of us.

It’s comes with everything. I mean face it. A handful of cops succumb to brutality, and everyone blames all cops. The government makes bad decisions and everyone blames the president. A bad group of people on a relentless pursuit to power, and we blame all Muslims. A boy falls into a gorilla enclosure and we blame the “black mother”. A little boy gets attacked and killed by an alligator and we blame the “incompetent parents”. Do you really think that’s fair? It’s not. It’s actually disgusting and disgraceful. 

My heart goes out to everyone hurting right now. Everyone who has lost someone due to senseless violence. Everyone struggling with their sexuality, I truly hope you all stay proud of who you are. Everyone suffering from terrible accidents that are so unfortunate to happen. My heart goes out to America. These brave men and women don’t fight for our freedom so that we can take it away from one another. Stop the hate. Life is too short. 

Be kind to one another. 



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